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This site describes some of my research and ongoing projects. You may download codes and data from my research projects.

Bioinformatics and Chemometrics
Application of multivariate statistics, mathematics and computational methods to biomedical data gives complementary and verifying information to a manual and/or univariate interpretation. This field of research is growing with the increase of the capacity of computers and will be of increasing importance in the foreseeable future. This also goes hand in hand with the development of analytical techniques, which will enable measurement of new biochemical features, a faster and more accurate data collection, and make it possible to collect and store larger amounts of data.

The aim of analysis of chemical and biological data is to extract the information to be able to draw significant conclusions. Finding chemically and biologically relevant information out of large datasets requires sophisticated data analysis methods. Part of a dataset will always consist of noise, major or minor depending on the study, the samples, and the analytical technique. The noise arises from biological variation (the variance between individuals), chemical variation (depending on for example pH differences in the sample), and technical noise from the sample preparation and the instrumental analysis. Advanced data analysis methods eliminate and elucidate these kinds of noise.